Does anyone else ever have the problem of their flowers being torn apart by a dog and/or hose as soon as they're planted?! Yesterday my dog stepped right on a plant while it was still in it's pot, ready to be planted- it didn't even have a chance. 

The only things that survive are usually very tenacious mints or thorny roses, but not this summer!  I'm taking back my flower beds (except for the one that he dug a two foot by two foot hole in... those flowers might not make it).

Here is my solution, which is better than my first idea of stringing up a tiny barbed wire fence and patrolling the garden like a cowboy looking for a coyote.  I found a big box of vintage and new cast iron trivets at Goodwill for only $5 and knew I could use them for something. 

Er, I impulse bought them and had to think of a way to make use of them so my poor husband doesn't think I've gone full hoarder on him and really start to worry.  So, I made a little fence with them.  It's prettier than the cheap wire fences and cheaper than the pretty cast iron fences- win, win!

Normally, I shy away from "upcycling" types of things because it often isn't really "upcycling" (i.e., if you're turning a nice, unchipped mason jar into a lantern, you didn't "upcycle" it, you repurposed it- and don't even get me started on "upcycling" books- oh, the humanity!).  But, in the case of these, none were antiques and some still had the Ace Hardware stickers on the back of them- they aren't worth much money and they're not being ruined, so I was okay with it. 

In the event that there is a sudden shortage of cast iron trivets in the world, I'll pull them up and wash them off, but until then- hooray for no more crushed flowers!

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