Men are hard to buy for.  Really hard.  If they want something, they just go out and buy it- none of this womanly hemming and hawing over a $10 purse that's perfect- a guy would just buy it if he needed it.  Although, from personal experience, this may be because I tend to buy lots of things that I don't need (i.e., a rocket ship-shaped popsicle maker that I only used once before realizing that it's a little indecent).

Well, the point of this wandering line of strung-on sentences is that men are hard to buy for.  If they want it, they buy it and if they don't buy it, it's probably because they can't afford it.  And, usually, neither can you.

So, for the man in your life, whether it's a dad, brother, or in-law- this wallet should do just fine.  It's a cinch to make and doesn't require any special leather-working tools.  If they like real leather bi-fold manly man wallets- this is the one. 

Get the pattern here.  The pattern will give you step-by-step instructions, but I'll give them to you here, too.

makes: 1 wallet
takes: about 1 hour
Wallet Template (click here for template)

12"x 12" piece of leather, or scraps- as long as the pattern pieces fit on them.
Heavy-duty thread (upholstery-weight)
Large-eye needle (you can find these in the packages of multi-use needles)
Sharp Scissors
Finishing nails
Work Bench

Print out the wallet template pattern and cut out the pieces.  Lay the pieces on the suede side of your leather and trace around them with the chalk.  Cut each piece out.

Lay pieces D onto piece B and stitch together.

Then, lay piece DB on to piece C and stitch together.

Place those pieces together and stitch together.

*NOTE: For stitching this wallet, use a long length of thread.  Thread the needle through at one end, double the thread over and tie the loose ends in a double knot.  When starting a row, sew through, but don't pull the thread all the way tight until you loop back through it.  This will secure the knot.

*NOTE: To make the sewing holes (unless you have a leather punch, in which case you should by all means use that) lay the pieces on the work bench or wood surface.  Nail a finishing nail just through the leather at 1/6 inch intervals.  To hold it steady, you can nail a nail into each corner of the piece until you're finished.


  1. I love this and your entire blog! I would like to include a link to this in a Sew Mama Sew post--if you are game, please contact me through

  2. Beautiful colour and love this wallet ....

  3. I cant find the template for the wallet

    1. Sorry for the confusion! It's up at the top, but I'll put it right in the instructions for you, too.

  4. Oh ok i found it thanks! :)

  5. Thank you! and a great Pattern! one I plan to use. However, I could do without the intro, I consider almost every purchase I make and try to do without it for a while to see if it is something I actually need. rather than, just going out and buying it. Not all guys are the same. (sorry for being defensive but kinda stood out to me).

  6. Mens leather wallets are always considered to be best gifts for men. These mens wallets are quite common on every occasion.

  7. mmmmmm, I cant find the template. Still.