Men are hard to buy for.  Really hard.  If they want something, they just go out and buy it- none of this womanly hemming and hawing over a $10 purse that's perfect- a guy would just buy it if he needed it.  Although, from personal experience, this may be because I tend to buy lots of things that I don't need (i.e., a rocket ship-shaped popsicle maker that I only used once before realizing that it's a little indecent).

Well, the point of this wandering line of strung-on sentences is that men are hard to buy for.  If they want it, they buy it and if they don't buy it, it's probably because they can't afford it.  And, usually, neither can you.

So, for the man in your life, whether it's a dad, brother, or in-law- this wallet should do just fine.  It's a cinch to make and doesn't require any special leather-working tools.  If they like real leather bi-fold manly man wallets- this is the one. 

Get the pattern here.  The pattern will give you step-by-step instructions, but I'll give them to you here, too.


If you're looking for a way to use up extra onions from the farmer's market or your garden this Fall, this is a really great way to do it.  It's easy, fast, and those jars just look so pretty and cheery sitting on your pantry shelf. 

Come winter, pulling out a jar of these crisp-tender, sweet-sour, super-spiced pickled onions will be one of your favorite things to do. 

These taste amazing topping a piece of crusty french bread with a slice of Irish Cheddar or on top of a burger.  Heck, these can even make hot dogs edible. 

If you don't feel up to canning (which you should give a go if you haven't done it), you can just do all the steps up to putting them in the hot water bath and pop them in the fridge instead.


These charming little retro pumpkin graphics are sure to cheer up your October!  Just click on the pictures above or below to download the files.  The ones below are single, large pumpkins.  They make great wall decor, greeting cards, craft projects, wallpaper, wrapping paper, or banners- the possibilities are endless!  Enjoy!


Sometimes you've just got to have a bit of a fattycakes fry fest feast.  In case you're unaware of just what that entails, it involves lots of fried foods, ranch dressing, and a host of other deliciously sinful foods.  They're best eaten after a long weekend or a stressful workweek (preferably in the comfort of your sweatpants with the blinds drawn).  They're not that healthy for you but, dadgummit, do they ever taste like a little slice of heaven.
Well, this is a little less of a guilty pleasure than your run-of-the-mill Outback Steakhouse Bloomin' Onion- it's baked, not fried.  You still get all that delicious crunch and tendercrisp bites of savory onion, but it's not soaked in oil and leaves you feeling happy instead of like someone strapped a bowling ball to your belly. 
Read on to get the how-to for these simply delicious appetizers!