Oh, what a delicious new vice I have... Salty, buttery, savory, little crunchy bits like pecorino- this cheese is so good!

It's 4-year-aged gouda that I bought at  Gateway Market in Des Moines, Iowa and it is so good on or with anything: crumbled on salad, tossed with chopped fresh tomatoes, and especially good just plain. Mmm, I was almost drooling the whole time that I was taking pictures of it.

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Oh, prosciutto- if I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be you. La Quercia prosciutto from Norwalk, Iowa is the absolute, absolute best that I've ever had.

I usually get it at Gateway Market in Des Moines, but you can get it in most grocery stores, too. It is so buttery and salty, one piece is never enough. Even the New York Times couldn't help but write an article touting its greatness. If you feel like just nosediving down the rabbit hole to delicious prosciutto-obsessed oblivion, then you should try their Speck- it's glorified prosciutto that's been Applewood Smoked. Bacon, you've met you're match.