EASY & FANCY SWIRLED ZUCCHINNI TART- looks impressive, but it's oh-so-easy and can be made paleo & gluten-free

Everyone who has a garden knows that excess zucchini is a real (good!) problem.  All winter long, you dream about getting those beautiful green beasts fresh from the garden, then all summer long, you dream of what to do with the mountain of squash that your garden is overproducing.  Before you start to lose friends and people stop answering your calls for fear of you giving them more zucchini, check out this recipe.

As an added perk, it uses quite a few eggs, too.  It's such a good problem to have, but too many eggs is a real one when you have your own laying hens.  We thought five hens would be a good number to keep this year, which seemed reasonable.  Shows you how well I do with math.  Five hens + an average of four eggs a day = 20 eggs a week, give or take a few.  That, my friend, is a lot of eggs.  We give quite a few away to friends, but we also eat a lot of eggs.  A lot. of. eggs.  Happily, this is a delicious way to use a few.  It also makes great leftovers and reheats nicely (i.e., when you're sick of summer cooking, toss one of these in the oven and you'll have a few meals out of one cooking session).  Tip: invest in a toaster oven for summertime baking.  It's not quite as great as a regular one, but it doesn't heat up the house as badly.