If you have dry, sensitive and/or aging/mature skin, this face oil is going to suit you perfectly.  I've tried all kinds of products for my dry skin and they all seem to be so heavy and not as deeply moisturizing as I'd like.

This combination is perfect and it works wonders for wintery, dull skin.  The rosehip seed oil is a "dry" oil, meaning it doesn't make you feel greasy.  I combined this with avocado oil for it's superior moisturizing properties.  You can use half macadamia nut and half avocado oil, as they both impart different qualities.  I've found that if your skin is not extremely dry, the macadamia nut is great, as it is a bit more of a "dry" oil than avocado is. 

I also added a few drops of rosemary for it's anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties (skip the rosemary if you have very sensitive skin).  Lastly, I added a few capsules of Evening Primrose Oil.  This is very expensive if you buy it in pure form, so I opted for the gel capsules that you can find at your local pharmacy.  These also have the added benefit of having Vitamin E oil in them, which acts as a preservative for the serum as well as a healing moisturizer.

All in all, this oil is great- it will keep you glowing and moisturized all day, even in the wintertime.  It can take about 10 minutes to fully soak in, but it's not greasy or oily on the surface once it does.  I usually just wait to put on any foundation until it soaks in.  Even once it's fully soaked in to your skin, it still gives you a nice, dewy glow.

Here is the link to the free printable labels.
makes: about 1oz.
Carrier oil mix:
1 1/2 tsp. Rosehip Seed Oil (if you can only find/afford Vitamin E diluted kind- this is fine)
4 tsp. Avocado or Macadamia nut oil
1/2 tsp. Evening Primrose Oil (if you can only find/afford Vitamin E diluted kind- this is fine)

Essential oils:
1-2 drops Rosemary essential oil

Other oils you may add:
1-2 drops carrot seed oil
1 tsp. borage seed oil (if using, reduce avocado or macadamia oil to 3 tsp.)
1/4 tsp. tamanu oil (if using, reduce avocado or macadamia oil to 3 3/4 tsp.)

To make the face oil, just mix the top three oils (carrier oils) together.  Add your essential oils and shake or stir to mix.  Allow to sit for a day or so after mixing every once in awhile, just to be sure that the essential oils are well-diluted.

What do all of these oils do, you may ask?  Well, let me tell you (as gathered from Mountain Rose Herbs, Letters in Applied Microbiology, and Bioriginal):

Rosehip Seed Oil: 
Absorbs easily into the skin and is the predominant oil for treating dry and mature skin.  It's great for healing scars and moisturizing deeply.  Works great on sensitive skin.

Macadamia nut oil: 
High in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are great for dry and mature skin.  It's very regenerative and also absorbs easily into skin.  It is very similar to your skin's own natural oils.

Avocado oil:
High in essential fatty acids and is great for sensitive skin.  It does wonders for moisturizing dry and mature skin as well.

Tamanu oil:
Does wonders for healing damaged skin.  It's anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant.

Carrot Seed essential oil:
Used in skin care to help diminish wrinkles and smooth skin.  It is high in carotene, which is beneficial for skin health.

Borage Seed oil: 
Very high levels of omega-6 (or, GLA) mean that borage seed oil is great for reducing redness and inflamation in sensitive and dry skin.  It's also an all-around great skin healer and protector.

Evening Primrose oil:
High in omega-6 (or, GLA), it's a great friend to your skin by moisturizing and helping to smooth fine lines from dry skin.

Rosemary Essential oil:
Has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties and is also great for toning and moisturizing skin.

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