The mid-century love has extended to the dining room!  Architect hubby's Christmas present was this vintage tulip-style chair found at a local thrift store for just $60.  Sadly, it was missing it's cushion.  Since I wasn't about to spend more on a replacement cushion from Knoll than I did on the chair itself, I had to DIY this fella.  I even used some of the foam leftover from the DIY Tufted Headboard that I made to save even more on cost.  Which is also why the foam looks kind of lumpy and broken in the pictures, but I promise you, the felt will fix any weird bumps or lumps.

You will need:

1/2 yard of felt in the color of your choice
2' x 1.5' section of 1" foam (or 1' x 1.5' section of 2" foam)
spray adhesive (optional)
piece of paper

Place the piece of paper on the chair seat and draw the shape of the cushion onto the paper (about 1/4" bigger than you'd like it to be in the end.  Cut out the paper shape.  Fold your felt in half and trace the cushion shape onto the felt with marker or chalk and cut it out.

Cut 1/4" off of the paper pattern and trace the shape onto the foam with marker.  Cut it out (you'll have two shapes out of the foam- or one shape if you used the 2" foam).  If you used the 1" foam, use spray adhesive to stick the two pieces together. (Mine is all chunked up because I used the leftover foam from the DIY Tufted Queen-Sized Headboard that I made in an earlier post).

Sew the felt pieces together with 1/4" seam allowance, leaving the back side open for inserting the foam.  Flip the cushion right side out and insert the foam. 

Blindstitch the opening and, voila!, your poor naked chair now has a cushion!