I like caprese salad, but I don't like that it is always served in huge chunks- I wanted something bite-sized that I could eat as a side or on toast as an appetizer.  Because of this, I bring you... easy, fast, and normal-human-bite-sized caprese salad.  Groundbreaking, I know, but sometimes it's nice to have a recipe for even simple things.


Oh, the tufting we will do.  I have been wanting a tufted headboard for some time now, but after checking out the hefty price tags that even the lower end versions carry, I decided to do it myself.  I've seen a few other headboard tutorials, but all of them carried a $100+ budget.  So, I set out to craft one- for only $60! The how-to is below.

YOU WILL NEED:(and if you have an aversion to Wal-Mart, which I understand, you can get these things elsewhere but they will be  a bit pricier)
2 twin-sized foam mattress pads (you can use just one if you want it less puffy)- $20
1 queen-sized flat sheet in a color you like- $11
4 packs of plain buttons- $4
1 giant upholstery needle (they are about 5 in. long)- $1
1 spool upholstery thread- $2
1.5 -2" thick batting (3' x 5') $12
2' x 6' 1/2" thick Plywood or particle board- $10

You will also need but likely already have:
A sharp serrated knife
a pair of strong scissors
some spray adhesive or fast-drying glue
a staple gun and staples
a drill an 1/4" drill bit
a square of cardboard approx. 8" x 8"
a pen (multiple colors of pens if you, like me, are prone to mistakes)
about three hour's time


So tasty and healthy! I had eggs and cheese and wanted to throw in some tasty things that I hadn't before, so I sliced up some sweet potatoes and chopped some kale then baked it up in a flaky pastry shell.

Quiche is so easy to make, once you have the basic recipe idea down, you can mix it up however you like.  They are pretty hard to mess up.


I have always had so much trouble with patterns; I'm always looking for a way to avoid them.  they are so crunchy and I always rip them and end up with a malformed dress made for someone five sizes smaller than me.  I went to four years of Fashion Design school and I still hate, hate, hate patters.  Consequently, I now give to you an easy step-by-step instruction guide to making a comfy robe- with no pattern. You'll need 1.5 yds. of fabric (more or less if making one for a larger or smaller than average person) and a package of wide bias tape.


Mother's Day at my house this year, so I made this little banner to spruce it up. Triangles cut from vellum paper, paper punched, and strung between two paper balls. Just don't use paint on vellum, I've done it before and it curls up like the legs of the wicked witch of the east post-house scrunching. Markers work just fine, though!

This is a great way to liven up a party space quickly and easily- I've used this method many-a-time.  It would be great for weddings, too, with the ethereal and romantic feel of the translucent vellum.


Here's an idea that's been on the back burner for awhile. Every time that I see those multi-colored magnetic alphabet letters that were rampant on the refrigerators of our childhood, I want to do something with them. Spray paint always works magic on transforming everyday objects, so I thought I'd introduce it to this one.

First, spread out your colorful little beasties out on some paper with enough room to spray all around the edges.

Paint them up and there you have them! A new bit of interest on your fridge.


I wanted to save my wedding bouquet somehow, but it's kind of impractical to have a bunch of decaying flowers just lying around the house, so my amazing and clever mum thought of this idea. It is so delightfully whimsical with a bit of a creepy apothecary vibe. Just lovely.

Hang flowers upside down in a dry, dark place until they are crispy, then carefully slip them into a glass dome (you can get them at hobby lobby and other craft stores). Happy preserving.

NEW TWIST ON THE BLT - Tomato, Prosciutto, and Bean sprouts appetizer

A fancy new way to serve BLT's, including prosciutto, tomato, and bean sprouts! 

I had prosciutto, tomato, and sprouts on hand and from it was born pure delicious appetizer genius. Prosciutto wrapped around a slice of tomato and a bunch of sprouts. Fancy-looking and so delicious!

The the sprouts and tomato is so fresh and crisp and prosciutto wraps it all up in salty goodness. Mmmboy!

DIY Upcycled Matchbook Notepads

I've been seeing these little notepads everywhere and I wanted to try them for myself. This obsession was at it's worst at about the time that I realized that the office I work at throws away a ridiculous amount of cardboard file boxes and large envelopes. End result: cute little notepads made from recycled office materials and decorated with paint, whiteout, and permanent marker.

Just cut out a 3" x 1.5" strip from the thin cardboard.  Fold in at just under half way and fold the other end over.  Cut out a little stack of 1" x 1" papers from scraps.   Slip the paper stack into the small fold side and staple.  You can decorate them with paints or markers.