Vintage books
Cost: $0.75 cents each

Oh, what a glorious find these were.  Usually the old books get pretty picked over at thrift stores, but these were just sitting on a shelf in a happy little gilded group waiting to come home with me.  I couldn't split them up, of course, so I bought them all.  A 1926 copy of Pilgrim's Progress is my favorite, but the others added up to quite a good classic books catch: Othello, War and Peace, Oliver Twist, Robinson Crusoe, and Stevenson's children's poems.  And also a 1910 classroom book on hygeine- I love to learn about how people lived at the turn of the century.  I have a book on health and fitness from the 1890's that says that it's acceptable to call a rotund individual "fat man" instead of their name- oh how far we've come, huh?

Pretty, pretty, pretty...

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