I love the look of vintage mid century paper houses.  They're so quirky and fragile with their cardboard roofs and chunky glitter snow.  I got overly ambitious and decided to make a miniature of our house, which is a complicated Victorian and I would not recommend it unless you have a lot of time on your hands or are really, very bored. 
Luckily, I had both of those while I was stuck at a dead-end desk job where I had a lovely view of a wall all day and sometimes didn't see another human for a week at a time and had unlimited office supplies on hand.  Anyhow, I've made some simpler patterns for you to download here.  If you're feeling ambitious and want to make your own house I can tell you how below.
If you want to make your own, Id recommend finding the plans to your house on your county assessor's page.  If you don't have acess to this, you could probably just free hand the basic layout of your house.
Once you've got the floor plan, decide how tall the walls should be, then measure out from each wall the height that you want the walls to be and extend the wall to that point.


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