Oh my goodness.... when I saw the post Emma's Tiny Treats on the unconfidentail cook, I couldn't help myself.  I might have squeaked with glee.  Tiny things are the absolute best.

They are just Cheerios with different toppings like powdered sugar, nutella, and cinnamon.  I made a tiny tissue bag with some parchment paper by cutting a strip and taping it into a loop.  Then, smush the loop at the bottom and tape it.  Still haven't figured out an acceptable way to use these as a grown-up, but they are too fun to not make at least once.

Note: If you are found in your kitchen stooped over a plate of tiny cheerio donuts, giggling to yourself with delight at their Lilliputian proportions, don't try to explain yourself, just let them think you're crazy...  (oh, my poor husband)