INFUSED VODKA - how-to and free printables

I'm always scrambling for gifts at the last minute and I'm always looking for something special and unique that doesn't cost a fortune.  Infused vodkas are a fun gift for anyone who enjoys a great bloody mary or a fancy cocktail.

I actually swiped the corks and cork seals from my parent's stash - their vineyard and winery 99Bottles goes through quite a few every year, so I figured they wouldn't miss them.  Here is a site that you can order corks from here and shrink capsules here.  The corks aren't necessary and you'll likely need a corker if you use them.  If not, you can always just use regular tapered corks and some pretty string or paper over them.  These had to be transported easily (and across state lines) so I though it better to be safe than sorry!

The bottles were $1.00 each at Wal-mart - they're oil and vinegar bottles with the stoppers pulled out.  You can then gift the stoppers with the bottles and the happy recipient will have a pour spout when the bottle is opened.

My free printable labels are here

COST: approx. $4 each
Clean Mason Jars and lids

these make excellent bloody marys:
1-2 Dried chipotle peppers + 1 cup vodka
1 tsp. whole Black Peppercorns + 1 cup vodka
1 Garlic Clove + 1/2 tsp. whole Black Peppercorns + 1 cup vodka 
1 T. dill pickling spice + 1 tsp. lemon juice + 1 cup vodka

Pour vodka into jar.  Put ingredients in, screw the lid on tight, and store in fridge, taking them out and shaking vigorously whenever you remember.  Leave them in for about a week.  The peppercorns and coffees get strong quite quickly.  Then bottle them in clean bottles. 

When they are ready to bottle, wet a coffee filter (so that you don't lose a bunch of your precious nectar when the filter soaks up liquid) and place over large, clean mason jar with a rubber band around the edge to secure it.  Pour vodka mixture through slowly.  Discard the filter and pour the vodka back into a clean bottle.  Pop in your cork and decorate and you're ready to gift it!