My family makes an amazing appetizer at Christmas time that is so simple yet so delicious - it's a block of cream cheese with a horseradish/apricot jam mixture piled onto it.  We eat it with crackers and it is oh-so-delicious, despite how strange it sounds.

I was craving just such a snack, but, as it usually goes in my house, I didn't have apricot jelly and I didn't have cream cheese, and I didn't have crackers.  Then I saw it.  Brie, a whole wedge, forgotten in the cheese drawer, and a jar of Peach chutney (a Christmas gift from my wonderful cook of a big sister) and some tiny melba toasts.  The world is saved.

some Brie or Camembert
some tiny toasts or cut up bread
Peach Chutney 
Some type of fruit jam with a bit of horseradish mixed in (about 1/8 tsp. per T. of Jelly)

Just slice some chunks of Brie and put them on the toasts.

Then, put them under the broiler on low and forget about them until plumes of acrid smoke start billowing out of the oven.  Just kidding.  (I love broilers, but should never use them)  Just keep a close eye on these and take them out of  the oven when the cheese starts to get melty instead of when they're on fire and you'll save yourself from being on burnt-end-removal duty.

Then, plop a little of your Jam or Jelly or Chutney onto the cheese and you have yourself a fancy looking tasty little treat!