On my way home from work, I stopped at a local fancy schmancy grocery store to see if they had tallow.  I ended up bonding with the butcher over the silliness of grass fed-only beef if you care about flavor (I've raised calves and know a little corn now and then means happy cattle and beautiful marbling).   Then I bought a bunch of beef fat from him.  I felt weird enough asking for it that I was glad my awkward self didn't squeak out an "I'm gonna render it and make soap!". 

I barely made it out of there without completely embarassing myself, albeit teetering dangerously on the edge.  I made it out of the store before embarassing myself, sure, but not home...

Well, I also bought a bunch of their amazing La Quercia prosciutto and couldn't wait the forty minute car ride home to have some of it.  I barely made it to the car before I opened the package, mind racing with happy thoughts of the glorious, rosy meat sheets.  I pulled out two of the paper thin goodness and, alas, had nowhere to put them while I wrapped up the package.  Coat- too fuzzy.  Mouth- don’t want to eat it all at once.  Hmm.  Steering wheel- it was practically begging me to have prosciutto hanging from it.  Just as I had lovingly decorated my steering wheel with meat and tucked the package away, I look up to see a fancy-looking lady came out of the store. 

Oh, please don’t be coming this way. 

Oh, crap. 

You parked right next to me, huh. 

So there I was, meat-coated steering wheel out there for all the world to see and probably dashing the hopes of a brighter, better upcoming generation for this dear elderly fancy lady. 

My momma would be so proud.

Moral of the story: If you ever feel awkward or like no one else is a weirdo, take heart.  I guarantee everyone is a bit of one at one time or another.

Also, I'm going to post some recipes later in the month of how I rendered the suet and what I did with the tallow...

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