I've been pretty slow to jump on the kale train.  Not because I don't think it's healthy for me, but because I thought it was gross.  I did try kale chips awhile back, but I think brussel sprout chips are much better. 

Anyhow, this recipe changed my kale-hatin' opinions.  The texture is nice, the flavor is fresh and good, and it's so darn pretty! To top it all off, it's so simple that you'll hardly know you took the time to make it.
makes: two 3/4 cup servings- can be easily doubled or more
takes: approx. 10 minutes
1/2 head purple kale
1/2 green pepper
1/2 cucumber
1 T. walnut oil
1 T. apple cider vinegar + 1/2 tsp. honey
(I like to use just 1 T. of the brine from my sweet & spicy pickled onions - so good!)
1/4 tsp. kosher salt
1/4 tsp. fresh cracked black pepper

Chop the kale into very small pieces and place in a bowl.  With your hands, mix the kale, oil, salt, and pepper.  Grab handfuls of the kale, scrunch it together, then grab some more and repeat for about 30-60 seconds.  This will help the kale to become a little bit softer and less bitter, too.

Next, chop up the green pepper and cucumber into small pieces and add them to the bowl.  Mix the vinegar and honey (or just the brine of the onions or of your favorite sweet pickles) and allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes.

This stays good overnight in the fridge, too, which makes it a perfect make-ahead healthy lunch idea.


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