I and my amazingly talented sister made this marshmallow fondant cake for my dear pop's 60th birthday party.  I just wanted to post it here as an example of some fun things that you can do with fondant.  And not that expensive, gross stuff.  No, I'm talking about marshmallow fondant, which is cheap, easy, and tastes like marshmallow fluff.  Here's the recipe that I like to use, although I kind of just wing it, if that proves to you how foolproof this stuff is.
Instead of taking the time to cut out shapes and pieces from the fondant, we just used our watercoloring skills and "painted" the cake with food coloring mixed with vodka (Well, actually we used her husband's fancy Buffalo Trace whiskey, but we were desperate.  Don't tell...)

Unfortunately, I didn't take any "during" pictures. Mostly because I forgot, but partially because I was wrist-deep in super-sticky marshmallow goo, and even my super-sturdy phone case protector couldn't survive that stuff!

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