THE GREATEST FIRE STARTERS - egg carton, lint, & wax

These last few months of Midwest winter usually seem to drag on and on.  Just last week our weather went from 54' to -15' in just a few days (oh, Iowa).  My dad always says that you know you're in Iowa if you've used both your heat and air conditioning on in the same day.

Anyways, one of the things that really gets me through these last few months is cozying up next to a toasty wood stove or fire.  The Man and I were really sad to leave our fireplace when we moved.  Luckily, we were able to find a wood burning stove and install it into the existing chimney just before winter set in!

Well, all that introduction was just to tell you that these fire starters are the greatest.  I have my awesome sister-in-law to thank for the inspiration (she gave a cute little jar of them to me for Christmas).

time: about 20 minutes
makes: 1 doz.
1 paperboard egg carton
Dryer lint

Yes, the lint is gross and hairy - just keep thinking about the toasty fires you will make with these!

Stuff the lint into the egg holes (is that a thing?).

Melt your wax in a double boiler.  I used old wax from my wax burner that had lost its scent, but you can use old candles or buy paraffin wax from the store.  (*Note: don't put the wax directly on the stove, it very well may catch on fire right in its pot.  Very scary.  I've done it before)

Carefully pour the melted wax over the lint-filled egg holes (really, truly, if anyone knows a better term for these, let me know). 

Allow them to cool, then cut apart.  Voila!  You have 12 amazing fire starters!


  1. Very helpful tip. I am going to try it today.

    1. Glad to hear it! They really are great.

      p.s. If you're ever low on egg cartons, you can also use TP tubes cut into thirds. Just remember to put aluminum foil or an old pan under them- they leak a bit before they harden.