This makes a great present for the person in your life who's owned by a cat.  They can hide away inside their little felt teepee and maybe sleep (after dragging all of your laundry around and pouncing at your ankles all day).

*Note, if your cat or the gift recipient's cat is very fat, check to make sure they will fit in the teepee before you go to all of the work of sewing it.  My cat was much too large to fit in the test run teepee - he put his head inside and got stuck (note how well he fills up an entire toilet with himself in this gem of a photograph)

1 yd. thick felt
needle and thread

Cut 5 isosceles triangles out of your felt (and who said you'd never use geometry in real life!).  Mine were 12" across the base and the sides were 18" long.  Stitch the sides together to make the teepee shape and cut a hole in one side.  To make the puffball, I just cut 3" strips, bundled them together, and tied a thread around the middle of them, then stitched it to the peak of the teepee.