I love antiques and I love shiny things- what better way to merge the two loves than with faux antique mercury glass!   I've seen other posts on how to create the effect, but they all seemed so complicated and didn't have the authentic look of antique mercury glass.  The secret, I've found, is black spray paint. 

1 can of Krylon Looking Glass Paint
1 can of black spray paint
Clear Glass Ornaments ( I found mine at our local thrift store for just $1)
Velvet ribbon (only $2 at Hobby Lobby)

After many tries, I've found that the only thing that works is Krylon Looking Glass Paint.  I was skeptical at first, especially because it's expensive for such a little bit of paint, but it works so well!  I suppose you could achieve a similar look with silver glass ornaments, but the clear glass balls are so cheap! 

Just pop the tops out of the ornaments and spray a quick spray inside with the looking glass paint.  It will be really watery, so just swirl it around until it dries (I promise you it will eventually dry, even though it takes a bit).  Do two more coats and let them dry in between.  Next, spray a quick spray of black spray paint inside of the ornament- this is what will help it to have an antique look. 

Once the inside is dry, spray a few sprays of the looking glass paint on the outside of the ornament.  While it is still wet, spritz just the tiniest, spotty spritz of the black paint onto it.  You can do this by just pressing the nozzle down half way.

Let them dry and string the velvet ribbon into the loop and there you have it- the perfect gift for friends, teachers, neighbors, and maybe even yourself!