I have always had so much trouble with patterns; I'm always looking for a way to avoid them.  they are so crunchy and I always rip them and end up with a malformed dress made for someone five sizes smaller than me.  I went to four years of Fashion Design school and I still hate, hate, hate patters.  Consequently, I now give to you an easy step-by-step instruction guide to making a comfy robe- with no pattern. You'll need 1.5 yds. of fabric (more or less if making one for a larger or smaller than average person) and a package of wide bias tape.

 Fold the fabric in half. Cut up to the fold just on the top layer of fabric. Cut out a half-circle for the neck and two rectangles for the sleeves (about three inches wide).

Take the two sides that you cut off for the sleeves and even them out to make two straight rectangles. These will be the waistband tie.

Sew the ends of the four strips of waistband ties together.

Sew right sides of the waistband strips together. Leave the two ends open. Then, flip the waistband tie right side out. I like to attach a large safety pin to one end and flipping it through that way.

Fold over the edges of the sleeves and stitch. These will be on the selvage edge, so you won't have a raw edge if you just fold it over once.

Start sewing the bias tape from the bottom of the robe (where you started to make the cut up the front). Sew it on continuously up the front and around the neck and then back down again. Then, you will have a lovely edging

Your robe should look something like this now. Just the hem and the side seams to sew next!

Next, stitch the side seams together, starting at the sleeve edge.

Last thing! Make a small fold on the hem and iron it flat. Then, fold over once and sew. You're DONE!